by Shokirjon Kholmatov

International Relations Department of the Uzbekistan State World Languages University has been functioning on the basis of the tasks arising from the “National Program on Preparation of the Specialists”, and also performs such functions as: training highly qualified personnel, upgrading the teaching staff of the university in the best higher education institutions in the world, along with leading universities and scientific centers of the world. Also, the priority areas of the department are the improvement and expansion of international cooperation of the university.

The main functions of the department are:

  1. Establishment of links with leading foreign higher educational institutions and scientific centers;
  2. Wide introduction in the educational process the advanced pedagogical technologies, curricula and teaching materials based on international educational standards;
  3. Attraction of highly qualified teachers and scientists from educational institutions of foreign partners for seminars, master classes;
  4. Providing information on grants, projects and scholarships announced by embassies and international organizations in Uzbekistan to faculties, departments and students;
  5. Further development of cooperation with embassies and international organizations functioning in Uzbekistan;
  6. Meeting the delegations and guests from foreign countries, embassies, missions and international organizations in accordance with the established procedure;
  7. Preparation of documents for the administrative staff, professors and pedagogical staff and students of the University for travel abroad, on the basis of established order and conditions;
  8. To regulate and control the reporting at the relevant departments, faculties and meetings of the Academic Council of the University on the results of foreign trips;
  9. Registration of applications for visas and temporary registrations at the place of residence of invited teachers, specialists and foreign students;
  10. Organization and reception of documents of foreign citizens on the basis of normative documents for the new academic year, etc.

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