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A report on qualification rising in Russian philology faculty

by Shokirjon Kholmatov
A qualification rising project ” Teaching Russian language as foreign: methodic and linguistic aspects” (21.10.2021 till 13.11.2021- the study term ) has begun in online mode on the basis of Vyatka State University.
In offline mode was it held at the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo on 10-11 November and in the center of Russian language of the faculty of Russian philology on November, 12-13.
The following modules have been introduced: ” Innovative-pedagogical practices of teaching”, “Reading and reading literacy”, “Lingua-communicative culture of teaching”, ” World pedagogical practices of teaching: in the seek of breakthrough solutions”.
The lessons were conducted by Elena Olegovna Galitskikh, a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of Russian and foreign literature and methods of teaching department of VST, and Elena Vasilyevna Sherbinina, a candidate of cultorology, head of Russian language, the culture of speech, and methods of teaching department, deputy of the head for Insitute of humanitarian and social sciences of VSU.
As a part of the seminar, such technologies as generalization and systematization of knowledge “Spisok” and experience of functional reading by the dint of tutorial presentation in the mode of individual educational way have been processed. In the conclusion of the seminar was held a roundtable meeting was on issues of modern education.
The participants of the seminar will receive certificates.

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