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Strengthening relations with Russian partners

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

On 14-19 October A. S. Abidjanov, vice-rector for international affairs department, and N. M. Ibragimova, dean of russian philology faculty of UzSWLU, have visited Adigey State University(Russia, Maykop city).

On 18th of October a meeting with rector of the university, D. K. Mamiy, was held at the main campus of Adigey State University. The main topic of the meeting was ” The ways of UzSWLU and ASU joint educational programs realization”. The key issues of developing joint educational programs “Russian language as foreign language” and “Automated processing and management systems”, features of reception and teaching students of these faculties, and possible forms of further scientific cooperation of two partners- universties were discussed at the meeting.

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