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Play, Education, Toys&Languages Master’s Degree scholarship

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

Graduates of unique PETaL EMJMD program will able to create high-quality games and pre-school programs for evolving language and intercultural skills of children. The program is a part of Erasmus Mundus project, which means covering expenses of education, accommodation and pocket money. Furthermore, the participants could study in several universities: Lissabon Polytechnic University(Portugal) and University of Marmara(Turkey). The candidates’ having higher education of pedagogy, intercultural researches, linguistics and sociology, and B2 level of English language is desirable. The acceptance for academic year of 2022 is to be opened soon.

Deadline: The acceptance process opens in December 2021.

For more information: https://is.gd/kKahxY

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