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Presidential Scholarship for Bachelors and Masters.

by Shokirjon Kholmatov


— The best-performing applicants at university admission tests or professional examination

— Once they become a student, they must be graded with excellency and participate in any sort of conferences and contents in the field of his studies.

— They must publish, at least, 2 scientific works (researches) which are related to the degree they are obtaining

— They should know, at least, one foreign language (the state languages of the CIS countries don’t count)

— They should know Uzbek history.


General-basis grants to students who have received this scholarship are not assigned.

However, if at the end of the academic semester a student performs without excellency in at least one subject, they will be assigned a general-basis stipend and paid during the next academic semester.

For those who have only “excellent” marks in all subjects at the end of the next academic semester, the scholarship is renewed.

Students who received the presidential scholarship are automatically admitted to the master’s degree program without further examination

More information: https://www.gazeta.uz/ru/2021/07/08/grant/

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