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Today, the guest of our Web site is Abdurahmonova Hayitgul

by Shokirjon Kholmatov




Today, the guest of our channel is Abdurahmonova Hayitgul, who had the opportunity to study at the Cergy Paris University for 1 semester within the ERASMUS + academic exchange program announced at the top. Hayitgul, a firth-year master’s student of the Faculty of Romance – German at UzSWLU, is currently studying at the Cergy Paris university of France.

   1. Brief information about yourself.

I am Abdurakhmanova Hayitgul. I am 1st year undergraduate student in Linguistics (French) at Uzswlu and currently studying at CY Cergy Paris Université in France based on the mobile project Erasmus +. I am 23 years old.

   2. Why did you decide to study abroad?

In my opinion, studying abroad opens up a number of opportunities for obtaining high-quality education in the specialty, exchange of experience with other foreign students, broadening one’s horizons, and better learning foreign languages. And in addition to the above reasons, I can say that the fact that two years ago I first visited France, where I witnessed the world famous rich culture, art of this state, the nobility of the French people, further strengthened my passion for education. here.

   3. Is it easy to go to college in the state where you are studying? What are the admission requirements?

I cannot say that it is not so easy to enter France, it, of course, depends on the requirements of the higher educational institution you have chosen, as well as on the level of competition in the number of applicants. Upon admission, the complete and flawless preparation of your documents, your grades, level of language proficiency and much more are taken into account. Typically, for admission to a bachelor’s degree, a language proficiency certificate is required at the B2 level, and for a master’s degree at the C1 level.

   4. How many grant places are reserved for the program you are studying for? Why do you think you were chosen?

Under this program, two students from our university came to us. One of the requirements for this opportunity is a 3-4 minute video in which you explain why you want to participate in this program and also provide information about yourself. I think that the main reasons why I was chosen were good knowledge of the French language, education in a specialty with excellent grades, as well as the ability to express my thoughts well through video in a motivational form, when I can show my professional and personal qualities.

   5. What advice can you give to our subscribers who, like you, want to study abroad and receive a grant?

First of all, I would encourage young people like me to choose an area in which they are interested and who love to work, to work on themselves in order to become one of the strongest specialists in this area. When choosing a specific university and direction, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements and the necessary documents, prepare them in a timely manner. And, of course, one of my main tips is to learn a foreign language perfectly, while I would advise you to learn a specific language, based on which country you are going to study in.

   6. What to look for when writing a resume and motivation letter?

These two letters are the most basic documents giving information about the candidate, so you should be very careful when drafting them. In a motivation letter, you should be able to reveal not only what education abroad gives you, but also what you can give them, why they should choose your candidacy. Information on your resume about what languages ​​you know, about your additional interests and abilities will also be beneficial.

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