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The work of American assistant teacher Joshua Zakharov.

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

Joshua Zakharov, an American, founded 3 clubs (Debate, speaking, reading) in the Uzbek state world languages. Josh excels as a teacher, helping students broaden their worldview to gain new knowledge in reading and writing. A comparative study of Uzbek and American cultures during the course helped make the lesson more interesting and engaging.

Every Monday, the debate club expands students ’communicative vocabulary and teaches them to think independently and fluently in a foreign language, to logically prove their point about the correctness or incorrectness of an opinion expressed.

Speaking club aimed at improving English speaking skills Most of the students are developing the ability to speak

English fluently and without mistakes, to overcome the language barrier, to speak in public without shame.
In the Reading Club, students learn to increase reading, read world literature in English and discuss its content together.

You can watch our interview with Joshua Zakharov soon. You can learn unexpected interesting information

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