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A $ 75,000 undergraduate grant program in Denmark

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

Grant money in the amount of 100% payment for the full period of the bachelor’s course

Briefly about the grant program:

The LifeAsapa Foundation now offers the LifeAsapa Undergraduate Student Scholarship gant program to outstanding international students for the 2021-2022 academic year. The grant program is available to help students wishing to pursue a technical bachelor’s degree at a partner university in Denmark.

Benefits of the grant:

Grants are usually awarded to winners in three ways:

A $ 10,000 grant and a $ 2,000 monthly stipend for the first year of the undergraduate course;

Grant fee of 50% for a three-year undergraduate course;

100% grant for the entire duration of the undergraduate course.

Duration: 31.12.2021

Country: Denmark

Grant type: Undergraduate

More inforamiton: https://oliygoh.uz/uz/grantlar/daniya-davlatida-bakalavr-bosqichida-oqish-uchun-grant-dasturi

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