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The Samarkand State University announces an essay competition

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

The Samarkand State University announces an essay competition “Cultural and literary heritage of the peoples of the Great Silk Road” in English.

All undergraduate students are eligible to participate.

The winners will be awarded various diplomas, certificates, souvenirs, as well as a high reward in the form of a fully paid trip to Samarkand in August 2021.

  1. Select one of the indicated topics.
  2. Write a 3-5 page article in electronic version.
  3. Send it to samarkandessay2021@gmail.com
  4. Your message must include your full name, place of study, country, residential address, telephone number and personal photo.

List of topics:

  1. The Great Silk Road is a phenomenon in world history and culture.
  2. Cultural heritage of the Great Silk Road.
  3. The Great Silk Road is a road of intercultural communication.
  4. The heritage of the Silk Road is the basis of social solidarity.
  5. The Silk Road is a path of regional and international cooperation.
  6. The Silk Road – as a mirror of intangible cultural heritage.
  7. The corridors of the Silk Road heritage – as the links of world civilization.
  8. It is the duty of world thinkers to protect the cultural heritage of the Silk Road.
  9. The movement of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity along the Silk Road.
  10. The Great Silk Road as a ‘Road Map’ of cultural heritage.
  11. The Silk Road is a highway of universal material and cultural heritage.

All the essays should be written in English.

You can get more information about topic by calling this phone number: +998 66 239 1079

Completion date: May 10, 2021

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