Home News On April 28, an online meeting of Expo-Russia Uzbekistan 2021 was held

On April 28, an online meeting of Expo-Russia Uzbekistan 2021 was held

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

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On  April  28, 2021,  an  online  meeting  of  Expo – Russia  Uzbekistan  2021  was  held,  dedicated  to  education  in  Russia  and  the  main  trends  in  personnel  training  for  the  economy  of  Uzbekistan.  It  was  attended  by the  deputy  head  of  Rossotrudnichestvo  Pavel  Shevtsov,  the  head  of  the  representative  office  of  Rossotrudnichestvo  in  the  Republic  of  Uzbekistan  Mikhail  V. Vozhdaev,  the  Deputy  director  of  the  Department  of  International  Cooperation  and  Public  Relations  of  the  Ministry  of  Education  of  Russia  Olga  A. Podberezkina,  the  representative  of  the  El – Yurt  Umidi  Foundation  under  the  Agency  for  the  Development  of  Public  Service  under  the  President  of  the  Republic  of  Uzbekistan  Mirziyo  Sadykov  and  others.  The  participants  of  the  round  table  discussed  the  possibility  of  admission  of  citizens  of  the  Republic  of  Uzbekistan  to  higher  educational  institutions  of  Uzbekistan  and  Russia,  further  plans  and  cooperation.

Video of the online meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K9GtDSdXs4

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