Home Interviews The next guest of the UzSWLU International website is Sobirov Umidjon.

The next guest of the UzSWLU International website is Sobirov Umidjon.

by Shokirjon Kholmatov

The next guest of the UzSWLU International website is Sobirov Umidjon. Umidjon, winner of an interuniversity grant, a 4th year student at the Faculty of Romance and German Philology of the UzSWLU, is currently studying at the Cergy Paris University of France.

   1. Brief information about the guest.

My name is Sobirov Umidjon, I am 23 years old. I am a 4th year student of the UzSWLU. I am currently studying at the Cergy Paris University of France, undergraduate program (22.1.21-18.06.21) student exchange ERASMUS+ “Credit Mobility”. Here we receive a scholarship of € 850 per month. All expenses are fully reimbursed, including flights and medicines.

   2. Is it easy to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad? What are the admission requirements?

In my opinion, we can say that it is difficult to enter a university in France, it used to be easier. Both the French student and students from other countries paid the same tuition fee of 300€. To date, the cost of tuition for French students has not changed, but for students from other countries, it has increased 10 times to 3440€. Those wishing to study in France can apply to any university in Europe through the BGF (Bourses du Government François) scholarship of the French Government in English and French, as well as through the ERASMUS Master Joints Degrees program. At the same time, the participant has the greatest chances of winning if he has certificates and diplomas for research work and participation in various international conferences.

   3. Please describe in more detail the strategies you used when applying for training.

The strategy I used was very simple
• prepare as required;
• Our department published a message about the possibility of studying in France, and within the set time frame we had to prepare and send a 3-4 minute video about ourselves, our plans, what we intend to get from this program.
• Availability of certificates (certificates B2 and C1 in the CEFR system), which will serve as the basis for grant.

   4. How many grant plots have been allocated to the program for which you applied?

I don’t know how many seats were allocated, but obviously there weren’t that many seats. With us came 2 students of our university and 2 students of the Samarkand Institute of Foreign Languages. Now we are here to support each other and learn from each other.

   5. What do you think? Why did you choose you?

I think 3 factors played an important role in choosing me.
• First, because I had the ability to French.
• Secondly, among the required documents there was a point on extracurricular activities, confirming the achievements of various awards.
Above, I have already noted that I have certificates (B2 and C1 in the CEFR system), I was also a candidate for the name of A. Navoi.
• Third, my rates at the university were high, and I think it also played an important role.

   6. What practical advice can you give our subscribers who, like you, want to win a grant and learn abroad?

Determine your specialty. Pay special attention to documents such as a summary and a motivational letter that are the main documents. Research, certificates, diplomas of conferences participants, if any, will bring additional points. You need to start registration documents in advance.

   7. What is your short-term plan?

Currently, I am looking for grants for learning in magistracy abroad. I think about developing my knowledge on.

Prepared Islomova Dilfuza.

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